Saturday morning zen

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It’s what my dreams are made of.

*dies* I need these in my life.

The exploring begins.

Ummm…..maybe we can be a little late, honey.

My belt broke last week… This is a great sadness to me. Sadly, it wasn’t even an entertaining breakage - I was simply wearing it at the time.  I’ve had happy memories with that belt - I always wear a thick, heavy, belt as I feel its important to carry a weapon at all times just in case things take a turn for the entertaining and I don’t have another implement to hand. 
The replacement - bought quickly, to avoid the consistent inconvenience of my trousers steadily sliding south - is attractive, but not quite satisfactory. Not really heavy enough, not really possessing enough heft. I’ll try it out, no doubt, but… why belt manufacturers don’t recognise the demand for a stylish sophisticated buckle on a belt heavy enough to knock the wind out of a girl I really don’t know…
But no matter - whilst the broken buckle on the old belt means that it no longer does its trouser holding duty, it can still be wielded… and the metal clip that is still stuck on one end should make for an exciting treat for someone soon…


Firstly, shame is really rather sexy. Secondly, it shows that you’re starting to work - you’re starting to push yourself, to stretch your self identity, to take yourself outside of who you previously thought you were. And the wonderful thing is - each stretch only hurts the once. You may feel shame the first time you whisper that dirty desire to me, the first time I show you how you enjoy that particular touch, the first time you come with my darkest ideas in your mind… But each subsequent time - you’ll hardly feel it at all. You’ll be greater, larger, capable of more than before… You’ll be a little more free.

*deep sigh*


There is artistry in a beating, which is perhaps never fully appreciated by the sub. They mostly concentrate on the ‘ow’, whilst you work on the rhythm, the positioning, the strength, the breadth, the clustering, the marking, the sound, the momentum… A flogger is like an artists brush - it can achieve a great variety of shapes and patterns and textures and forms depending on how exactly it is laid upon ones canvas.
Every beating is unique, with a different tone, different peaks and troughs, different trials and different rewards. They really can vary from extremely pleasurable and fulfilling to… well, torture. A good Dom must know how to get the best out of the flogger - but also how to get the best out of the girl.



"I do think that your subconscious is mining territory that you’re not ready to mine yet." 

-Sarah Polley’s Fresh Air interview for Stories We Tell is an ideal weekend morning listen

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